Toss Up: Sterling Shepard or Victor Cruz?

The Giants Beat examines who will have a bigger impact this upcoming season between Victor Cruz and Sterling Shepard.

Wide receiver Victor Cruz and Sterling Shepard are planning to make a huge impact for this upcoming season by going ‘pro’ in their summer minicamp workouts. We do have a little information that Cruz is inching closer to play for the New York Giants. However, Shepard is running the best routes in his draft class with silky-smooth athletic ability and a solid pair of hands. So what player will be the best for the Giants in their upcoming season? Who can show off their skills on the field?

            Cruz is trying to accomplish the improbable by attempting to return after missing almost two full seasons because of his injuries and having to remain an impact player. He spent most of the spring workouts by working on the side with the Giants training staff while his teammates practiced. He desperately wanted to get on the field to test out his calf that caused him to miss all of last season and that knee have forced him to miss most of the previous year. Right now, it’s important for him to build confidence in the summer workouts because he made it through the three practices without any setbacks.

"I want to continue to gradually build, increase my workload so I can last a full practice and a full game and take it from there," Cruz said of his prep-cation plan.

            While there is a lot of focus on Cruz, Shepard on the other hand has been a standout player for the Giants in the offseason program.

“He’s going to be a phenomenal player,” Odell Beckham Jr. said of his new teammate. “He can run routes, he can catch, he can pretty much do it all. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing him develop.”

Shepard joined the team shrouded in lofty expectations with receiving statistics including four total dropped passes, a completion-incompletion ratio in which he brought down more than half the balls thrown his way, and an uncanny instinct for finding holes in any defense. This rookie can’t help it if he’s truly the best in getting work done.

With all the commotion going on between these two players of who will be the best for the Giants, we will have to see what these two can bring on the field this upcoming season.



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