State of the Giants: Fullback

The Giants Beat takes a look at the State of the Giants, with a position by position breakdown leading up to training camp.

It’s been one week into the summer and already the New York Giants training camp battle will be at the top of everyone's mind. While the team is making changes for the offseason, there are some fullback positions that are of concern on the depth list. Head coach Ben McAdoo and the coaching staff have sorted out the roster and depth chart for what direction they want to lead to.

            Projected Depth Chart

FB1:Nikita Whitlock

FB2: Will Johnson

            Well, as you can see here Johnson is listed as a fullback, but really is a hybrid fullback, an H-Back and a tight end player. We can see how this plays out, but we need to pay close attention on if he and Whitlock will be competing for the same job. However, Johnson will probably wind up with more of a tight end role here, and if he’s more feasible than Whitlock for the Giants. The team will have a tough time parting with Johnson. If Whitlock can bulk up enough to be a viable option for the defensive tackle even if this guy is a 5-foot-10 and weighed 250 pounds from last season.

On the other hand, Whitlock has put on 25 pounds from last year that was not an effort to convince the Giants to use him for the defense tackle. Last season, the Giants gave the versatile Whitlock an opportunity to contribute where he was up to 255 last season before a knee injury that ended his season last December. At that time, the teams’ run game had begun to click. Before he had the knee injury that knocked him out the action, he contributed on offense, defense and special teams that earned him a game-day uniform because of his consistency.

Head coach Ben McAdoo said multiple times that Whitlock’s development as a fullback was one of the keys to his improvements. Well, it may take a rash of injuries for Whitlock to hang around in practices, but the best guess from the team is whether or not they decide to keep Whitlock as a pure fullback. He’s potentially looking at a bigger uphill battle.

We will see what happens at the next practice for these two players and to see for the season who will be the fullback at training camp this summer.  


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