Antonio Brown mocks JPP's fireworks mishap

The Steelers wideout took to twitter to advise people to have a safe Independence Day, but he may have taken a jab at the Giants defensive end's injury from last year.

For most, the Fourth of July is a day to enjoy with family and friends. However, one New York Giants player will always have memories on the Fourth of July that he probably wish he could forget.

            Last year, Jason Pierre-Paul was handling fireworks when the fireworks exploded in his hand, taking nearly three of Pierre-Paul’s fingers. This led to Pierre-Paul missing about half of the 2015 regular season, and a hit on his value in free agency.

            On the one-year anniversary of the accident, Pierre-Paul is in Sweden trying to focus on other thoughts. As expected, pictures have been floating around social media joking about Pierre-Paul’s accident. What was not expected was some shade thrown Pierre-Paul’s way from a fellow NFL player.

            Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers sent out a tweet that seemed to joke about Pierre-Paul’s injury.

Though nothing directly mentions Pierre-Paul within the tweet, it is quite obvious Brown was referring to Pierre-Paul’s accident. After receiving negative light in regard to the tweet, Brown sent out a second tweet denying it was a reference to Pierre-Paul's injury.

            This offseason, Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has spent some time with Brown at Brown’s Hollywood home. With Beckham Jr and Pierre-Paul being good friends, it is surprising to see Brown throw shade at Beckham Jr’s fellow teammate.

Nevertheless, Giants fans took to twitter to share their displeasure in regard to Brown’s tweet. At the end of the day, Brown may have just been sending out a message of caution to his followers on Twitter. Even in that unlikely scenario, it should have been obvious to Brown that many would take his tweet and connect it to Pierre-Paul’s accident.

The Giants will have a chance to take down Brown’s Pittsburgh Steelers in week 13 of the 2016 regular season. 


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