State of the Giants: Kicker

The Giants Beat takes a look at the State of the Giants, with a position by position breakdown leading up to training camp.

After a season plagued by fourth-quarter meltdowns, the New York Giants will need all of their extra points.

 Depth Chart

PK: Josh BrownTom Obarski

 At age 37, Brown is an experienced veteran and will be the Giants PK for the fourth season. He made 30-of-32 field goal attempts last season and was selected to play in the Pro Bowl for the first time in his 13 year career. Although he achieved great success in recent years, he was caught up in a crucial fourth-quarter loss last season. The 23-20 loss to the Jets in overtime was daunting as Brown missed a 48-yard attempt that would have tied the game. He was nearly perfect all season, but the loss was difficult and just added to the list of missed opportunities.

 Overall, he is a great asset because of his consistency and ability to perform under pressure. Brown is one of the best place-kickers in the NFL and definitely the most distinguishable in the teams history. The Giants have been seconds away from winning and lost it all, but this season, they wont let those games become another roadblock on their journey to the playoffs. 

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