Giants defensive line could be scary good

Big Blue's defensive unit has the capability of being superhuman this upcoming season.

Big Blues revamped defensive line is the closest thing to the Golden State superteam for Giants fans. In theory, that is. They have it all: monstrous size, superior athleticism, and mental toughness. There is a whole new aura among the Giants fan base. People are optimistic and even temporarily stopped hating Jerry Reese. The potential is out of this world thanks to an active offseason, but is it a reality?

 Who is going to stop Damon Harrison? Nicknamed Snacksby his former Jets teammates, he is an immovable run-stopper with a 350-pound frame. He had a career-high 72 tackles last season and is known as one of the best run-defenders in the league. Worried about being double-teamed? Absolutely not. Harrison has a message for opposing teams:

 The addition of Olivier Vernon was also a crucial move for the Giants. They needed to revive their pass-rush and what better way to do it than get one of the best defensive ends in fee agency? At the age of 25, he is in his prime and ready to help start a new era. In his four-year career, Vernon recorded 29 sacks and has not missed a single game in the past two seasons. Jason Pierre-Paul should compliment Vernons game as his defensive counterpart. He has a track record of success and as a Super Bowl champ, JPP knows how to play at the next level. How many guys can say that they earned a ring after just two seasons in the NFL?

He was spectacular in the playoffs that year and finished the season with 16.5 sacks. With a smooth recovery process, he has regained movement in his hand and feels confident about the season. If he can get back to his playoff self, the defensive line is ready to create chaos for offensive coordinators.

 With this lethal combo, what more could Steve Spagnuolo ask for? At the end of the day, the Giants have the talent, but its a matter of being able to close out games in the fourth quarter and perform as a successful unit.






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