Damon Harrison 'afraid' after police shootings

New York's man in the middle expressed fear and concern following a slew of violent incidents this week involving police.

The tragic shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castle have triggered many to voice their outrage on social media. Among the many is New York Giants tackle Damon Harrison, who didn’t hold anything back.


            This tweet came after Harrison explained that he looks “scary to those with preconceived notions.” In reality, the lineman described himself as a “teddy bear.”

            Harrison isn’t the only NFL player to voice his opinions. Joining him were players like Reggie Bush and Darnell Dockett as well as former Giants defensive back Prince Amukamara.

            Athletes have been known to take to social media when police violence strikes. Some have even used their professional status to send a message.

            The Michael Brown shooting prompted the entire Rams team to walk out of the tunnel with their hands up representing the notion of “Don’t Shoot.” Furthermore, the death of Eric Garner who died because officers cut off his airways forced NBA teams including the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Clippers to wear pre-game shirts that read, “I Can’t Breathe.”

            As incidents like these continue to occur across the country, voices will be heard and there are sure to be athletes among them.

            To finish his Twitter rant, Harrison ended it with a not-so subtle shot at the NFL.



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