Giants 2016 Schedule Preview: New Orleans Saints

The Giants Beat takes a look ahead at Big Blue's Week 2 opponent, the New Orleans Saints.

The New York Giants will play their first home game of the season against the New Orleans Saints. Both teams have a lot to prove with a defensive performance that put them at the bottom of the league last season.

 The two NFC hopefuls managed to salvage what they could of the 2015 season with offensive weapons that could not be ignored. However, they struggled to close out games in the fourth quarter with an ineffective defensive. The Giants countered this weakness by paying big money for some of the best free agents in the league with the likes of Damon Harrison, Olivier Vernon, and Janoris Jenkins. They also added some promising prospects including first-round pick Eli Apple and safety Darian Thompson.

 Brandon Browner and Delvin Breaux should have their hands full matching up against Odell Beckham Jr., Victor Cruz, Sterling Shepard, and Dwayne Harris as all 4 receivers can turn a 6 yard hitch into a 95 yard touchdown. The fast-paced Giants offense will put some pressure on the Saints by taking away crucial time to reset. This might hinder the Saints’ talent because they have a defense made up of some rookies who have yet to acclimate to this kind of adjustment.

 While the Giants navigated their offseason by dominating in free agency, the Saints utilized the top picks in the draft. They had some great additions with DT Sheldon Rankins and WR Michael Thomas.

 But why fix what’s not broken? Drew Brees has been leading the Saints for the past 10 years and has one Super Bowl ring under his belt. After being absent from the playoffs for the last two years, this will be a make or break season for the aging quarterback.

 The game will be held at MetLife Stadium, giving the Giants home field advantage, and also hindering the Saints’ passing game. The Giants’ stadium is known to be very windy and the Saints are used to playing in a dome that blocks hazardous weather conditions. Last year, the Saints threw the ball over 63 percent of the time and throwing the ball effectively requires ideal playing conditions.

 With a dangerous QB like Brees, the Giants will not be successful unless they continuously pressure him so Vernon will have to step up as one of best pass-rushers in the league. With a whole new secondary that is young and inexperienced, it is important to play as one unit as they will be tested with a gunslinger like Drew Breeze

 If they can take control from the beginning, the Giants should win the game.



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