Odell Beckham Jr. captures Germany by storm

Big Blue's top wideout is evolving into a global icon based on his latest tour in Germany.

Odell Beckham Jr. had a blast taking an abroad trip to Germany, and the country wasn't shy in praising his popularity. After he played soccer with Bayern Munich, Beckham was walking to his car and next thing he knows is fans are chanting his name. The wide receiver decided to get on top of his car, dance to the crowd and show his love to his fans.

            The question here is if Beckham is considered an international icon?

The wide receiver broke 13 tackles on 96 receptions from last season and also scored 13 touchdowns where six of them were deep targets. The former LSU star has racked up 187 catches for the first two years of his career. 

With those impressive numbers from Beckham, it’s important for the fans to clearly look at his game because he still has to be in the full 16-game season. He has missed over four games from a hamstring injury back in the 2014 season when he was a rookie and been suspended for one game last year. When he was on the field, the team could not get him the ball because he did not do the proper stretches for myriad reasons.

While the wide receiver is in Germany on a goodwill trip for the National Football League, the New York Giants are scheduled to play against the Los Angeles Rams in London this October. It’s clear to see that Beckham is very popular with his talent transcends sports outside the states, but this wide receiver needs to step up his game.

We will see the team’s 2016 opening game against their division rival Dallas Cowboys on September 11. This will be the first game under Coach Ben McAdoo, who has taken over for the two-time Super Bowl winning coach Tom Coughlin.



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