Charles Barkley: 'Odell Beckham becoming too famous'

The verbosious NBA analyst had some strong criticism and offered advice to budding superstar Odell Beckham Jr.

Charles Barkley, the always outspoken and somewhat controversial basketball broadcaster, has taken strong stances on numerous stories, the latest one being the Odell Beckham Jr. and Josh Norman conflict from last season.  Beckham has come out in an article in GQ Magazine that Norman is only relevant because of him, but Barkley had a different opinion on the matter. 

In a recent interview with the NFL Network regarding this conflict between now division rivals, Barkley responded to Beckham’s comment, calling it “stupid” and praising Josh Norman as being a “fantastic” player.  Barkley went on to suggest that Beckham’s fast rise to fame may be having a negative effect on him, saying that “I think he’s starting to get to the point where he’s becoming too famous instead of worrying about how to become a great football player” and offered advice to “Just lay low and kick butt on the field.” 

It’s widely assumed that Barkley’s comments will be well received by the Redskins fan base as well as Josh Norman’s fans, while the Beckham camp and Giants fans will back him up and take his side.  No matter what side you’re behind, it’s undeniable that, with at least two matchups this fall, scores will be settled between the two stars and the entire NFL will tune in to watch. 


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