Eli Manning says Odell Beckham will keep a 'cool head' this season

New York's franchise quarterback trusts that his top receiving target will keep his wits about him.

It is the only the beginning for Odell Beckham Jr., but he is already one of the top receivers in the NFL. He broke barriers in his rookie year that others do not achieve in their entire career, but sometimes, people forget that he is still 23 years old.

Like other athletes who sprung to stardom in their early 20s, OBJ is feeling the pressure of the media. It seems like every sly comment makes for the perfect headline. Just last week, Beckham could not help but insinuate that Josh Norman move to the Redskins had to do with staying relevant as the New York Giants will play them twice this season.

 The feud continued to circulate in the news as OBJ opened himself up to more criticism. Known for being a controversial commentator, Charles Barkley was not shy in stating that perhaps the star is getting too famous and allowing his ego to take over. Everybody has an opinion about the issue, but his own teammates do not seem too concerned about the recent headlines.

 I think he understands what he has to do to play at his best and hes got to make sure he keeps a cool head about him and goes out there and does his job,” Eli Manning said.

 Manning continued on to say that he will make sure OBJ is focused on making plays and blocking out the outside noise. Victor Cruz ready to take on an active role in terms of mentoring OBJ and helping him reach his potential this year.

 I think it takes people like myself, people like Eli, other leaders on the team to come up to him and say: "Hey, man, we got your back. You don't need to go above and beyond what's being asked of you to do. Go out there and be the great player that you are...go out here and play, everything will take care of itself, we got your back,Cruz said. 


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