Odell Beckham listed as 'day to day' after getting cleated by Janoris Jenkins during practice

Giants fans can exhale, since Odell Beckham Jr. dodged a bullet at practice on Sunday.

     Odell Beckham Jr.. left practice early on Sunday after sustaining a few minor cuts from a collision with CB Janoris Jenkins.  Jenkins accidentally cleated Beckham, but the injury is nothing to worry about for New York Giants fans and will at most leave him sore for a few days. 

When asked about if his injury was a result of being cleated, Beckham said, “Yes, [I was] just stepped on, tangled up.  [We’re] competitive guys, we’re going at it in practice, nothing too bad.  Just take it day by day, let it take its course.” 

The team doesn’t have another practice until Tuesday, and Beckham isn’t sure if he’ll be back on the field be then. 

“That’s not my call.  If it feels like that, then it feels like that.  We just take it day by day.  I don’t know how it’s going to feel three hours from now [and] I don’t know how it’s going to feel tomorrow.  [We’re] just kind of letting it play out.”

     Beckham understood that Jenkins would never purposely hurt him and that it was just a matter of two guys competing and trying to get better each day.  He hadn’t seen Jenkins after receiving the injury, but emphasized the fact it was an accident.

 “It wasn’t anything like he did it on purpose, obviously not.  We both wear blue, we’re both on the Giants, so obviously we both want to see each other out there.  It’s just a matter of taking care of each other, working together and competing all in the same.” 

After Beckham went down with the injury in the middle of running a route, he was seen stretching and possibly trying to get back onto the field, although he was quick to say that the general consensus was that he wasn’t going to return. 

“After I went down, it was kind of just ‘you’re done for the day.’  There’s plenty more days in camp so we’ll be alright.  [It’s] a minor setback for the time being, I guess, the hours, the day or whatever."  

     When Beckham went down with the injury, the entire field house went silent, but all the NFL Network’s No. 10-rated player could think about was making sure that he was ok.  In a video capturing the moment, Beckham can be seen trying to run the injury off, and when asked about it, said, “Yes, I like to move a little bit but I feel like in the moment, at that exact time, [It’s hard to] understand what’s going on around me.  It’s more that I was checking in internally.”

  He didn’t want to cause any panic or anxiety for the coaches and his teammates as well, saying, “I would never want to worry my teammates if I don’t have to, so I am going to try and get up and try to get out of the way and let them keep working…”

The big takeaway from the events of today are that Beckham’s injury isn’t serious at all and that he’ll most likely be sitting out for a few days as just a precaution.  New York Giants fans can sleep easy knowing that he’s healthy and will be ready for the preseason to begin.


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