'Snacks' Harrison back on the practice field; unhappy with his performance

The Giants man in the middle was able to get back out with his teammates, but told reporters he was a bit slower than usual and not on point with his technique.

Newest New York Giants defensive lineman Damon Harrison was finally able to get out on the practice field with his new teammates today after being activated from the PUP list.

            The former Jet has had swelling in his knee that he normally played through, but the Giants coaching staff understands that Harrison is a valuable part of their defense.

            “That’s something that has been going on for a while,” Harrison explained about his knee. “It’s no secret. I’ve had a few surgeries on my knee, so normally I fight through it, but the Giants wanted to make sure I came back and it was 100 percent with no swelling…”

            Harrison went on to say that this was his first pain-free in a couple years. However, No. 98 wasn’t happy with his performance today. Everything wasn’t in sync, and with a new $46 million contract, the lineman is harder on himself than anyone else.

            “I was a little slower out there today, my hands weren’t working with my feet and my eyes, I didn’t have it all together,” Harrison said.

            Head coach Ben McAdoo had to pull “Snacks” out of some drills because he noticed his struggle. It is expected, though, as the rest of the team has had a head start on the new season while Harrison was held up as a precaution.

            Giants fans shouldn’t worry, however, as Harrison promised to make adjustments immediately.

            “Tomorrow has to be a whole lot better,” Harrison exclaimed. “I can’t afford to have another day where I’m slow off the ball or my hands and feet aren’t working together because, let’s be real they pay me a lot of money to come here and perform and do what I’ve been doing the past few years and I have to start showing that.”



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