McAdoo pushing for 'uptempo' practices

The Giants new head man is making a major point to keep things moving before, during and after practice.

Head Coach Ben McAdoo is definitely setting the blueprint for the New York Giants. He was previously hired as a replacement of the two-time Super Bowl winning coach Tom Coughlin, who was split from the team due at the end of last season., Between Jason Pierre-Paul playing fireworks accident and Coughlin's controversial decision on leaving an out-of-control player like Odell Beckham Jr. in one of the games it wasn't an easy season for the legendary coach. However, McAdoo is not playing around about promising to be himself as a coach, doing things his own way and not afraid to get out of the shadow, becoming better off from the potential Hall of Fame coach. 

            “I’m just out there trying to be myself, do what’s best for the team and help the leaders, put them in position to be successful,” noted McAdoo.  “So for everything I will do as a position coach trying to help the players I coach play the game the best I could as a coordinator help the position coaches the best they can be and I am trying to do well, do that for the team.”

            During the training camp this past Saturday, offensive lineman Bobby Hart lined up at right tackle, and committed a false start Well, McAdoo is making sure these players are doing their jobs right. He and the team mean business when it comes to practice. There’s no time for foolishness for the team and every practice has to be vital. Even other news, the coach made the team put in much effort for ending practice a minute early.

             “That is not good enough. Just because at the end we were doing these jog-throughs at the end doesn’t mean we slow the tempo down.” Coach said. “We want to keep the tempo going, just go low impact with the lower body there.”

            In all Giants practices, McAdoo is doing the best he can as a coach and these are his building blocks of success and every discipline he gives for the team. 



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