Vereen embracing crowded RB room

The third down specialist isn't shying away from the RB competition at camp and actually prefers to have great tailbacks around him.

One of the subjects of chatter this New York Giants offseason is the running back position. With over four players capable of winning the starting position, there is a ton of competition in camp.

            Though there are four players capable of winning the starting running back spot, Rashad Jennings is the heavy favorite to win the job. The other three players, Paul Perkins, Shane Vereen, and Orleans Darkwa will receive reps on game days regardless if they are the starter or not. One player who will receive a ton of playing time no matter where he ends up on the depth chart is Shane Vereen. Vereen is a key player on third downs and passing plays in general. He is a premier pass catching back in the NFL.

            The Giants Beat caught up with Vereen after practice to gain some of his thoughts regarding the running back competition. As the more neutral player due to his guaranteed role as a pass catcher this season, Vereen shared his honest thoughts about the crowded backfield.

“Yeah, We definitely have a lot of guys, but it is good for right now,” Vereen stated. “I definitely think we are learning a lot, especially in the early weeks of camp, and learning a lot from the different guys in the room. I like having a lot of guys in the room because everyone has a different style and everyone brings something new to the table so you can learn a lot from that.”

It was made more than clear that Vereen enjoys having a lot of capable players fighting for the starting running back spot.

            Following up on his thoughts of a healthy competition in camp, Vereen did mention that he hopes for structure within the running back position. He feels both he and the rest of the running backs need to know where each player stands heading into the season.

 “Yeah, I think everyone’s roles will start to be carved out as camp goes. Coach said earlier that last week and we don’t know exactly where we are going to be with the team and what the makeup is going to be so that is what camp is for to put that together and competition to it’s highest element.”

Players both want and need to know where on the depth chart they are once the season begins. Vereen did acknowledge that he believes this will happen once the Giants get closer to the regular season.

            Overall, Vereen is very happy with the talented running back corps the Giants have this year. With all of the competition in training camp, the Giants and Vereen are confident they will head into the regular season with the right group of players at the running back position.



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