Patrick Graham likes what he sees from Jason Pierre-Paul

Defensive line coach Patrick Graham gives his perspective on the team’s defense and offered high praise for Jason Pierre-Paul.

            There are many coaches that can rally a team for the upcoming season.  For the Giants there’s Ben McAdoo, the head coach that filled in the spot for former head Tom Coughlin, who was split after four consecutive losing seasons. Then there’s defensive line coach Patrick Graham, a new defensive line coach for the New York Giants. He’s prepared for the new season.

“Well, I’m new coaching them, so we’re all meshing together, getting the feel for one another. I think the combination of building fundamentals and building some chemistry together, that’s what training camp is for. Those guys are working hard at it and our goal in our room is to improve at it every day and so far so good as just seeing improvement. A little improvement, big improvement, as long as we’re improving every day, that’ll get us going towards our goal.”

Graham is keeping his eyes on defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul and seeing very good improvements from the player. Is he thinking to put him in the first game?

“I’m seeing a good football player that I’ve seen for the past six years he has been in the league doing well there. There’s times I’ve been in competitive situations against him on other teams and he’s just a good football player and he’s out there working and this guy is hungry to play some football and I like what’s happening with him and the group right now.”

If Graham puts him in the game, then this defensive end player will show that he’s a quarterback destroyer, even though he’s a DE.

“He looked like he was playing hard. He was doing a good job for us. You have to talk to him if you have something specifically how he feels, but I know that he’s out there working hard and trying to execute what we’re asking him.”

The defensive line is extremely important for Coach Graham, especially for their goals to get to the next Super Bowl.

Depth is important for the whole football team, noted Graham. "Obviously that’s the combination of Mr. Reese and Coach McAdoo to put together the team and how they see fit but from there, you need depth because it’s a collision sport and guys need to be ready to go."


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