Jonathan Casillas: 'We let Coughlin down'

In his second season with the G-men, Jonathan Casillas told reporters that the players, not Tom Coughlin, are to blame for the team missing the playoffs the past four years.

Linebacker Jonathan Casillas is back with the New York Giants and he’s more ready than he's ever been before. However, the Giants former head coach, Tom Coughlin, is gone and Casiallas has to deal with a new coach, Ben McAdoo. It sounds like the team has not made any changes when the former coach was coaching them.

"I feel like honestly, I think we let Coughlin down. It was a tough year.” Casillas said at a media session during at the training camp. “We haven't had- and I say we as in the Giants organization- we rolled off a couple 6-10 seasons in a row. Missing the playoffs, and the demand is high here, that’s the bar that Coughlin set - Coughlin set that bar. He's got a couple of rings under his belt, and we have to keep that tradition. Anything under that, and it’s an underachievement.”

From last season, their defense was ranked last in the NFL and the team stumbled to a 6-10 record. This has been a huge letdown for Giants fans since they’ve been in the bottom fourth of the league in three of the past four seasons. The question here is if the team has upgraded or made improvements during the practices.  

“You know, it's so early, with all of us together," noted Casillas. "All of us getting all the schemes at one time; it's so early to predict anything or to see how we are.” Casillas said about the defense’s progress. “It's just good to have everybody out there flying around. Snacks, the 54, those are great players and number 20, he's doing amazing things on the outside. It's just finally good to be playing some football with the unit.” We can see that Casillas is trying to do the best he can as a linebacker."

The other question here is if the team has passed Casillas litmus test?

“Well we're at the initial stages right now. We're forming those adhesive bonds right now on the back end," said the Giants linebacker. "We're creating those, we're learning the details about each position in this defense. The new guys got a little bit of a way to go, but that's what we're on right now. The more and more days that we stack together; training camp, these days kind of run one on the other. The better days that we stack up, the better we'll be.”


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