Ben McAdoo discusses 'big moment' during camp

The Giants head honcho was very pleased with his team's practice on Friday and thinks that his team has turned the corner during camp.

With so many new additions to the New York Giants organization, building chemistry will be the key to a successful season. So how are the Giantsrookies adjusting with the team?

Ben McAdoo has high hopes for first-round pick Eli Apple, who could be a viable starter this season. As a young player from a Big Ten school, the rising CB is ready to transition to the NFL. Apple is right in the mix, getting those first-team reps and maintaing a competitive edge in one-on-one drills.

 What was encouraging about Eli was that he got a holding penalty early and he bounced back and didnt get one the rest of the (practice),": said the Giants head coach. "There was tight man to man coverage and he was physical out there and he forced guys to the sideline and boundary and it left the quarterback no room to throw the ball, so that was exciting to see.

 Apple has a lot of great mentors, with all of the leadership from the vets on the team and ObJ has also helped guide him, being in the same position just 2 years ago. McAdoo has been emphasizing this kind of unity and believes that they are building a solid foundation throughout training camp.

 We have been talking a lot about toughness and physicality and doing it together and family is important and we are all one family here, McAdoo said.

 Perhaps the biggest area of concern is the way the defense is working together as a unit. In minicamp, the coaches said that it was hard to assess the group because of the lack of contact. Now that the pads are on, fans are wondering if the defense can live up to the hype. McAdoo has said that the depth chart is still not finalized and that it will become more clear during preseason games. However, he does see that as a unit, everything is coming together smoothly with the Giants season opener just a month away.

I hear communication. There was some good communication happening on the defensive side of the ball today.

 Today was a big day for us; we talked about that after practice," noted McAdoo. "This was a big moment for us in training camp. It was a heavy hitting physical practice and we had a lot of explosive movements in tight quarters. I think we had 42 plays in the red and the green zone today. Some team, some 9 on 7 with the big guys and some 7 on 7, but a lot of contact and a lot of physicality and we got through it. We checked the box and it wasnt as good as it could be, but we did check the box and it will be the starting point for a good foundation."





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