Eli Manning not feeling his age just yet

The Giants signal-caller told beat reporters that his routine and regimen has been doing wonders to keep his body feeling fresh and healthy.

For the past 13 years, Eli Manning has been the face of the New York Giants organization. His reign as leading QB has been filled with memorable plays and notable accolades. As a 2x Super Bowl champion MVP, he has always carried the team on his back. At age 35, Manning still feels confident in his ability to lead and get his team to the playoffs. He has made the necessary adjustments to stay health conscious, but if anything, he is improving with age.

 I feel healthy, I feel like my arm is live, I can make all the throws. I think Ive gotten smarter over the years just with my training, my warmup, just taking care of my body, having a plan to get through practice and make sure I feel healthy. I used to just kind of roll out of bed and go practice. Now I need about an hour to get loosened up. Its just maintenance. Ive gotten in the routine of doing it over the years, I see the difference and have stayed with it, Manning said.

 The Giants may have performed poorly last year, but Manning remained on top of his game. He recorded a career-high 35 TDs last season and dominated in most statistical categories. But, with the his two top targets better than ever, the Giantspassing game will be a spectacle this season. Manning has said that him and Odell Beckham Jr. are definitely on the same page and that the young WR is in tune to details of the routes. Now that Victor Cruz has returned, Manning is working to get his other go-to receiver back in top shape.

 Victor has looked sharp, hes making plays, getting the speed. For me the biggest difference seeing him back in April to now is just adjusting to the ball, the balls in the air, its different when youre catching on the JUGS machine than when youre just catching balls and now hey, you have to turn back, youre running full speed, you have to adjust, hold a defender off a little bit, just making those tough catches and adjusting to the ball in the air are things that hes doing much better now. He just had to get some live action and is playing some football, Manning said.





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