Giants OC: 'Beckham eliminates my gray hair'

Big Blue's offensive coordinator can rest at ease since he has a dynamic talent in Odell Beckham Jr. at his disposal to power his offense.

New York Giants offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan  has every reason to be excited about his offense’s potential this season, and why shouldn’t he be?  After all, he has an elite quarterback in Eli Manning, a big-play wide receiver in Odell Beckham Jr., and an offensive line that has good chemistry. 

“I think we are on track on where we would like to be in terms of two or three days out before our first preseason game,” Sullivan said after Wednesday’s practice, while also adding, “We have seen some things that give us some optimism, but again until you get a chance to see how they do against an opponent.” 

When questioned specifically about Beckham’s value and importance to him as an offensive coordinator, Sullivan didn't mince words

“It’s a huge asset [having Beckham],” noted Sullivan.  “They guy is a special talent and he is a dynamic player.” 

He’s also brought to light Beckham’s incredible passion and intensity that he brings to practice each and every day, even joking that, “The guy is energetic and he is a special talent and so, yes, one of the things that eliminates the gray hair.  Out of all the things that give me gray hair, that doesn’t.”  Something else that certainly won’t give Mike Sullivan is an abundance of touchdowns, and a lot of wins can’t hurt either. 


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