Odell Beckham shows Eli Apple tricks of trade

The rookie cornerback is learning the nuances of his position from none other than Odell Beckham Jr.

Eli Apple’s Thoughts about the Preseason Game This Friday and JPP

            This Friday is the preseason debut for Eli Apple and he couldn't be more stocked. The New York Giants cornerback had to play against Odell Beckham Jr. during training camp and wow, did he take him back to school. You can tell Apple has learned so much for going against his teammate.

            “He has taught me how to read routes better and he will tell me things from a receiver perspective, like what receivers look for and little things like that, so he can help me out with just the top of the route stuff.” Apple said during a media session. “He has really been on me about and just telling me to trust my talent and get my head around. Little things like that we have been talking about all the time, so he has been helping me out a lot actually.”

            During the play, Apple has improved himself as a cornerback by prepping during practice and now after repetition, it has come naturally for him. After playing against Beckham Jr., he is fully equipped and now privy tor all Beckham’s tricks on the field.

Beckham is not the only player that Apple has admired, Jason Pierre-Paul is the unquestioned leader on the defense.

            “He is an energizer bunny out there on the field. He is the one that is always bringing the energy. Even on walkthroughs, he is going full speed. He is a funny guy off the field and he is definitely the man around here, so I am just trying to pick up everything from him that he tells me to do, and I just make sure to do it full speed like him.”

            You can tell that the camp is really wraps up for the players and they are continuing to develop themselves for Friday’s game. There are ready for Friday’s preseason game.

            “Yeah, I think everybody wants to do well. Of course, it is preseason, everybody is going to be watching, it is the first real live action when you can hit somebody, so I am interested. Of course, it is football, it is something you have done your entire life and you just want to play well.” 


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