Halftime Reaction: Giants vs. Dolphins

Jason Pierre-Paul and Damon Harrison shared their thoughts on the performance of the first-team defense.

Damon Harrison

On the Giants defensive pressure....

A: I saw the defensive ends flying around. This one play, I look, OV (Olivier Vernon) shot out of the stands like lightening and JPP was on the other side, Hank (Johnathan Hankins) was in the backfield. I just saw the whole defensive line, as whole, working, as well as the cover guys, to give those guys a chance to get back there. 

On his confidence level in the defense...

A: It's great when you know you've got defensive ends like OV and JPP that are flying on the ball like that. That gives me a chance to push the pocket as well as Hankins, and the quarterback steps up and there’s the possibility of a sack. 

Jason Pierre-Paul:

On the defense's performance on the first two drives...

We have a lot of work to do, a lot of work. We are just getting started.


On areas for improvement....

Everywhere. We are just trying to get better as a unit. We are trying to get chemistry with each other and be all we can be.


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