Tuesday GIANTS Notes

"I'm going to make the point, if you're too stupid to understand you won't play for me,'' Fassel said.<

ALBANY - What would another day in training camp be without Jim Fassel erupting, players forced to run penalty laps and threats flying from the head coach? The heat of the afternoon sun caused the temperatures of players to rise and prompted a series of fights and altercations that once again drew Fassel's ire.

The first combatants were FB Charles Stackhouse and LB Dhani Jones, who squared off and then were broken up.

Stackhouse went back at Jones, throwing punches, and was thrown out of practice, with Fassel screaming "What the hell are you doing? Get out of here!" As Stackhouse started running penalty laps, Fassel picked up Stackhouse's helmet and tossed it at him. TE Darnell Dinkins and LB Kevin Lewis nearly came to blows but backed off in time.

LB Wesly Mallard and C Wayne Lucier went at it and both were kicked out and sent running.

Fassel had seen enough. He stopped practice, gathered the team around him in a massive huddle and issued a warning, not the first time he's done so this camp.

"If I get one more your [butt] is out of camp, I'm sending you home, you will not play again for me the rest of preseason, I don't care who you are,'' Fassel explained, calmly, afterward. "You're done.''

In a real game, such behavior would result in a 15-yard penalty, and eliminating such antics was one of Fassel's priorities this summer. The lesson has been slow to sink in.

"I'm going to make the point, if you're too stupid to understand you won't play for me,'' Fassel said.

* WR Ron Dixon, on the physically unable to perform list, traveled to Alabama on Monday to seek a second opinion from Dr. James Andrews. Dixon's knee has not responded following June 12 arthroscopic surgery. "The report I got is he doesn't think there's any surgery or anything else to do right now, it's just going to take time,'' Fassel said. ...

Matt Bryant and Mike Hollis both made 46-yard field goals and as a reward Fassel cancelled conditioning running. ...

DT Cornelius Griffin left the field in the afternoon because of dehydration. ...

Jack Knowlton, one of the owners of Funny Cide, visited practice and chatted with Fassel. ...

Fassel cancelled tomorrow afternoon's practice; he arranged a trip to Lake George for a day of fishing, boating and lounging by the beach.

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