Scouting the Enemy: Josh Norman

The Giants Beat scouts Washington's top cornerback and how Big Blue can attack the pro bowler.

Josh Norman is the best CB in the league..just ask him.

Just this year, he rallied behind his self proclaimed greatness. "I'm the best cornerback on Earth," Norman said. 
He shut down some of the most elite receivers in the league last season, surfacing the prime of his career. His scheme versatility in both man and zone coverage made him stand out since his rookie year. Opposing QBs had a passer rating of 54.0 when throwing in Norman's direction last year. He finished the season with 56 tackles, 4 interceptions, and a spot in the biggest stage in sports: The Super Bowl. 
He is having a slow start this season and received a lot of criticism for not covering top receivers, in spite of his claims of being the best. He didn't shadow Antonio Brown last week, leading to the Redskins' second straight loss. 
Norman was a playmaker for the Panthers last season, but he had a lot of help. With the presence of a tough D-line to attack the QB and linebackers like Luke Kuechly who covered a lot of ground, Norman was able play aggressively, knowing that the rest of the Panthers defense would have his back. 
He is known for having a fiery passion, but the Giants receiving corps isn't phased. Even rookie Sterling Shepard is ready for a top tier CB. 
"I might seem him throughout the game, but whoever I play, it doesn't matter who it is," Shepard said. "I've been through the same type of corners in college. I just never really focus on what people are doing." 
Tempers are going to flare this weekend; Sunday can't come soon enough.

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