McAdoo: Beckham needs to control his emotions

New York's head coach Ben McAdoo acknowledged on a conference call that his star player was out of control for his tantrum on the sidelines.

Odell Beckham Jr. luckily didn’t take his raging emotions onto the field in yesterday’s matchup with the Washington Redskins, or there could be a larger story covered here.

            The Giants star wideout was clearly frustrated as he verbally screamed his way up the Giants sideline, and physically took out his anger on a kicking net.

 After the New York Giants first loss of the season, Head Coach Ben McAdoo admitted his player was out of hand no matter the circumstances.

            McAdoo addressed Beckham’s temper tantrum today saying, “[Beckham] needs to control his emotions better and become less of a distraction to himself and to his teammates.”

            Beckham Jr.’s biggest outburst came after QB Eli Manning threw his first of two interceptions in the end zone when the Giants could have used a touchdown. So, Beckham Jr. being furious because the team lost the ball in a crucial possession in the red zone is justifiable right?

            Wrong. OBJ is a leader on this club and needs to understand that strutted up and down the sideline screaming into the wind doesn’t center the team’s concentration on the matter at hand: the game. McAdoo and Manning should not have had to walk over and calm down Beckham Jr., and the wideout seemed to not have a problem with it.

            “Same as they always are,” Beckham replied when asked about his emotions.

            There is no doubt OBJ is an exceptional athlete, but he is forgetting the term “professional” that is also in his job title. No matter how great physically a player is, having emotions in check and being calm mentally plays a big role in player development and team chemistry.

            Beckham Jr. must keep his cool in the coming weeks If the Giants want to keep their heads above water and maintain their hot start.



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