Scouting the Enemy: Sam Bradford

Minnesota's gunslinger is off to a hot start and The Giants Beat's experts put their scouting caps on to access the veteran quarterbacks strengths and weaknesses.

Although the young QB started the year as an unfavorable trade among Minnesota Vikings fans, he quickly gained popularity. Enduring an injury plagued career has been challenging, but Bradford is primed to help his team get to the playoffs this season. 
Strengths: Bradford's biggest strength is his accuracy and he is even excellent on the run as well. His resilience is evident through his post injury performance and ability to overcome a poor offensive line. Last season, Bradford excelled with a quick release, getting the right read and making crucial decisions. He has amazing field vision and has no problem locating open receivers. Although he has received criticism for not getting the ball down the field, this guy can throw the deep ball well at crucial times despite the lack of top tier arm strength. He has not been in full fledged game mode for a while due to injuries, but he threw a career-high 3,725 yards last season.
Weaknesses: It is nearly impossible to talk about Sam Bradford without bringing up his injury prone career thus far. He has torn his ACL twice. Bradford has only played 20 out of 48 games in the past three years, lagging behind with a disrupted momentum. 
Summary: Bradford is leading his team to victory with a solid 3-0 start to the season and a top spot in their division. It is likely that the Vikings will be playoff contenders under Bradford's leadership. It is a unique situation as the Sam Bradford-Adrian Peterson combo just diminished with Peterson's surgery. With the absence of his top running back and a slew of injuries, he has a lot to prove. An aggressive start to the season is crucial and Bradford should stun in his first year with the Vikings. 

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