Beckham looks to end TD drought on MNF

He hasn't found the end zone through three games of the 2016 campaign and the Giants need Odell Beckham to be at his best under the bright lights on Monday night in Minnesota.


Odell Beckham Jr. has yet to score a TD this season. In the past two seasons, OBJ racked up 25 TDs as Manning's top target. After a few missed opportunities, he is fired up and wants the ball in his hands. What makes him a star in his ability to take over the game and he does not take his lack of scoring lightly.

"Going three games and not being in there, you don’t take it for granted anymore. It seems like scoring a touchdown is the norm. I know for sure I could score every single game. I feel that way. I’m confident in myself, in my abilities. It’s just the opportunities. I want to be in there but I want to be in there so we put points on the board. So we can score instead of getting field goals or turning the ball over. You want to end the drives with points and not field goals and turnovers because it’s not going to win the game," Beckham Jr. said.

However Beckham seemed unfazed about the media-driven tension between him and Josh Norman that dominated headlines days before facing the Redskins. On game day, the football world waited to see the two go head to head after a series of debates about who would rise to the occasion. The NFL loves a heated rivalry, but no one could have predicted OBJ's sudden outburst. 
On the field, Beckham Jr. remained composed and played a relatively clean game, but on the sidelines, he could not keep control his temperament. After an emotional breakdown that ended in tears, OBJ was quick to defend his behavior, despite Coach McAdoo's concerns. 
In a post game interview, McAdoo said that the Giants wide out has to do a better job of controlling his emotions. When asked if that's something OBJ has to do, he was firm about his stance.
"No. I’m in a great place right now mentally, physically and spiritually. There’s not really much that bothers me at all, to be honest. I’m going to go out and play football the only way I know how to play. Try my best to be the best teammate that I possibly can be. At the end of the day you play for the guys who are wearing the jersey. They’re the ones that take the field for you. They’re the ones who you shed blood, sweat and tears with. I’m just going to go out and be who I am," Beckham Jr. said.

There has to be some hidden tension between OBJ and McAdoo after the emotional loss. Beckham Jr. was vague when addressing McAdoo's concerns. Asked if he could be a distraction to his team in the words of Coach McAdoo, Beckham Jr remained quiet.

"He said, she said. I'm not really concerned about anything except the Minnesota Vikings," noted Beckham


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