Cruz: We're not clicking on all cylinders

Big Blue's veteran wideout admits that despite his team's winning record, the offense hasn't exactly been in sync the past few contests.

Grit and luck has helped the New York Giants to a 2-1 record that has seen every game decided by a literal handful of points; 1, 3 and 2, respectively. The Giant’ passing game has been two-faced. They rank near the top of the league in passing stats but haven’t converted those numbers to points. The 27 they scored against Washington last week were a season-high. Victor Cruz acknowledged as much as he wants to see that game where everything comes together and the unit moves the ball efficiently while also finishing drives.

“We haven’t had that game where we all click and everyone is playing and everyone is clicking and everything looks good on all cylinders. I don’t think we have had that game just yet, but I think we are close, I think we are getting there and I think we are just still learning each other, learning how to be around each other and continue to catch the football and we will get there.”

With 16/19 catches for 233 yards at an average of 14.6 and 2 TDs, 2nd round rookie Sterling Shepard’s immediate emergence has been particularly exciting for Giants Nation and Cruz, who just wants Sterling to keep going.

“It is great, man. It is great to see him – I know the amount of hard work that he puts into his craft and into his game and to see it come to fruition on Sundays is a beautiful thing, so I am happy for him and we are going to need a lot more of that as these weeks continue.”

The salsa-dancing Cruz is quietly confident in the current receiving corps but isn’t quite ready to compare them to the Super Bowl-winning one comprised of him, Hakeem Nicks and Mario Manningham.

“It is hard to say just yet. I mean, I played on a team with Hakeem Nicks and Mario Manningham and we did some special things together, so it is too early to tell, but obviously on paper, when you look at us, we have all the tools to be that, but we just have to continue to play each game and see where it takes us.” 



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