Scouting the Enemy: Aaron Rodgers

The Giants Beat evaluates the Packers Super Bowl winning quarterback and assess his strengths, weaknesses and what to expect on Sunday.

Strengths: Aaron Rodgers  has been a top tier QB throughout his career with theGreen Bay Packers. His crazy combination of arm strength and accuracy put him at the top of the league. If the game becomes a fourth quarter nail biter, you can count on Rogers to come through. He is extremely poised in the pocket and can spread the ball around to different receivers. Rogers has no problem waiting patiently and taking the hit to make sure he finds the open man. He plays the game with an overwhelming calmness, evading pressure and passing the ball downfield with ease. The Super Bowl MVP is versatile and he's capable of doing amazing things outside of the pocket, making the Giants' pass rush that much more difficult. Branded as one of the most consistent QBs in NFL history, fans shouldn't expect anything less than a playoff mentality from Rogers on Sunday

Weaknesses: Sometimes Rogers shuts down after the half. He could have an amazing drive, but lack the same enthusiasm on the next play. He receives a lot of criticism for his inability to lead his team to a late comeback in the game. He lost some of his playmakers and although Jordy Nelson has finally returned, he is not himself. It's only been a year since he tore his ACL so it will take time to develop. Rogers, himself is working on getting back to his prime level of play. He has been struggling with his footwork this season, losing some of his notable accuracy. 

Summary: Everyone knows what to expect from Aaron Rogers. He's drawn comparisons to some of the greatest athletes of this generation and is widely considered one of the best QBs in the league. His undisputed level of talent is not new to the Giants. McAdoo knows exactly what to expect from the 32 year old Super Bowl champ. He knows all too well what Rogers is capable of after working with him in 2012-2013 as the Packers' QB coach. Rogers is coming off of a particularly successful game against the Lions, where he bulldozed through the defense and threw 4 TDs in the first half. Although Rogers had a slow start this season, he is still one of the best in the game. 


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