Tom Coughlin says Odell Beckham Jr. has become a 'distraction' to the Giants

The former Giants coach thinks that Odell Beckham Jr. should take the spotlight off himself and focus on the team.

A familiar face had some words for Odell Beckham Jr. following yet another in-game outburst. Tom Coughlin simply offered a helping hand to Beckham Jr, an action one may find generous of Coughlin, or an action one may find out-of-place. Anyhow, Beckham Jr did embarrass himself a bit as he is now under the major scrutiny of the media. After all, the media can truly be blamed for Beckham Jr’s recent downward spiral as nearly each and every move of his can now be seen by anyone. It is no question that Beckham Jr needs to adjust his mentality going forward, the question is simply how he can do that, and whether Coughlin is the man for Beckham Jr to approach.

            After spending over a decade with the New York Giants, Tom Coughlin will forever remain a part of the Giants’ legacy. Coughlin was the coach for Beckham Jr’s first two seasons, and was likely a major factor in Beckham Jr being in New York playing for the Giants. Coughlin is not with the Giants anymore for a variety of reasons; however, the way he handled Beckham Jr during the game against the Carolina Panthers is a major factor in his separation from the Giants. Now, nearly a year after the epic game, Coughlin is offering help, but as an outsider:

“He is so talented," noted Coughlin. "I don't think there's anything the kid can't do. He is a good kid. He is a team guy in the team room,” Coughlin proclaimed. “It's just when he gets on the field, there's only one way he knows how to play. For his own good [he needs to learn to channel his passion], and I would love to try to help him in this regard because I think so highly of him... [But] he is a distraction. If you watch a game the camera is on him the whole time."

            Coughlin isn’t wrong. The camera is on Beckham Jr the entire game and that does translate into him being a distraction. With that said, it is hard to get mad at Beckham Jr for being a distraction due to the fact that he is simply being himself. Between the types of plays he makes, the passion he displays, all the way to the way he generally acts, the media is all over Beckham Jr. Though he will never completely shield himself from the cameras, he definitely contributes to being a camera-magnet. He has created this image for himself in which people expect him to be extra physical with opposing cornerbacks. Yet, as much of a distraction as he can be, he is just so talented that it is hard to focus on the aspect of him being a distraction.

            Coughlin makes an interesting point stating that Beckham Jr only knows one way to play. Coughlin simply feels that Beckham Jr needs to channel his emotions. Coughlin even goes to the extreme of offering himself to Beckham Jr as a resource to use to become more mentally stable. In what many believe is a nice gesture by Beckham Jr’s old coach, there is a very thin line being crossed in this situation. Ben McAdoo succeeded Coughlin as head coach of the Giants. With Coughlin coming in and feeling a need to help Beckham Jr, it can be inferred that Coughlin thinks McAdoo has done a poor job handling Beckham Jr, which is likely true. Yet, as the ex-head coach, it is a sticky situation that he is probably likely staying away from. Coughlin needs to take a step back and remember that he is no longer Beckham Jr’s head coach, which makes the scenario of him helping Beckham Jr a very sensitive matter. 


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