Report: New York Giants could bench Odell Beckham Jr. if he has another outburst Sunday night

The Giants star could catch some pine if he doesn't control his emotions according to an SB Nation report.

The main topic that has been discussed when talking about the New York Giants these past few years has been the young prodigy, Odell Beckham Jr. This talk has taken a bit of a turn this year; Beckham Jr remains the subject for conversation, however, it has become a negative topic. The wide receiver continues to show signs of immaturity and selfishness as his on-field antics have cost the Giants penalties and nearly the loss of Beckham Jr himself. The question now regards the Giants as an organization: what will the team do to handle Beckham Jr.

            Many have wondered to what measures the Giants may go in disciplining Beckham Jr. The curiosity among fans can now be put to rest as two Giants’ coaches have reportedly admitted that the team is considering benching Beckham Jr if he has another outburst similar to the Josh Norman fiasco. It is obvious that the Giants must be very disguised by Beckham Jr’s actions it would absolutely kill the Giants to suspend their best player.

            What is really interesting is to wonder how Beckham Jr would respond to a potential suspension. He has made statements in the past that make it seem that he is done with his immature tantrums. Yet, he has failed to show any change. Beckham Jr hasn’t always been under such high scrutiny; the game against the Carolina Panthers and Josh Norman is what this view on the receiver has ultimately stemmed from. 

            Following yet another outburst from Beckham Jr this past week against the Minnesota Vikings, and more specifically, Xavier Rhodes, the youngster went so far as to announce that he is “not enjoying football anymore.” This is certainly embarrassing to the Giants’ organizations especially considering how much fun Beckham Jr has seemed to have in his first two seasons. At the end of the day, however, the Giants aren’t paying Beckham Jr to have fun, he is a Giant to play football, and that is the most important thing. Now, of course it’d be great if Beckham Jr could go back to his “happy” self, but the Giants’ primary focus right now should be getting his act straightened out so that the team can benefit from his talent, rather than suffer from his actions. It is unclear what approach will be taken to help Beckham Jr; but if the Giants truly are thinking of suspending him, it is a major question whether he would take the suspension to heart and work on improving, or whether he would resent the team and only continue his downward spiral. 


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