Giants fall 23-16 to Packers for third straight loss

Big Blue suffered their third straight defeat at the hands of Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers.

Once again, the lost a football  New York Giantsgame during primetime. This time, the Giants fell to the Green Bay Packersin dramatic fashion. The game was dominated by the Packers from start to finish. With the Packers secondary thin due to injuries, it was thought that this would be a somewhat close game. However, the Packers proved that they didn’t need their starting cornerbacks to easily defeat the Giants.

            Heading into the game, the Giants had their fair share of injuries as well, specifically in the secondary. During the first quarter, cornerbacks Eli Apple and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie were knocked out of the game due to groin injuries. Rodgers-Cromartie was able to return in the second half, but it clearly didn’t make a difference, as the Giants’ defense continued to struggle.

            Offensively, the Giants were horrendous. Eli Manning was inaccurate all game, failing to hit his receivers in stride and missing open receivers far too many times. The blame, however, can be placed on the offensive line. Specifically, Ereck Flowers and Bobby Hart, the Giants’ starting offensive tackles, were terrible. Flowers had what was likely the worst performance of his young NFL career. He racked up penalties and let edge rushers get by him with ease. It was simply a pathway to Manning for whoever was rushing from the right edge. The offense as a whole continued to struggle in a game where they needed to score.

            The Giants’ defense was nearly as bad, if not just as bad, as the offense. Olivier Vernon was nonexistent when it came to rushing Aaron Rodgers, and Jason Pierre-Paul didn’t do much either. These two players did do well against the run, but did not make nearly enough of an impact to prove that they deserve the amount of money that the Giants are paying them. The linebackers were horrible against the run, missing tackle after tackle. Lastly, the secondary played well when you keep in mind that with a defensive line gave Rodgers upwards of seven seconds in the pocket on many plays. It was impossible for the secondary to cover receivers when Rodgers had as much time as he did. As a unit, the defense struggled once again. Blame should be placed on the Giants’ pass rushers.

            The only thing left for the Giants to blame for their terrible loss is the coaching, and it would be understandable for the Giants to do exactly that. On offense, Odell Beckham Jr., Sterling Shepard, and Victor Cruz didn’t get close to the amount of targets that they should have. It was incredibly easy for the Packers defense to game plan for this game. Due to the Giants inability to run the ball, the Packers kept two safeties deep since they did not need help up front to stop the run. This made it so hard for Giants’ receivers to get open. Defensively, the play calling was atrocious as Rodgers had all day in the pocket. Steve Spagnuolo needed to implement blitzes to put Rodgers under pressure, but he simply did not do that.

            Overall, the Giants have a lot of work to do in a division that has three teams above .500 (the Giants are not one of them). The Giants’ playoff hopes keep getting slimmer as the gap between the Giants and their division rivals continues to increase. 


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