Game Balls and Goats: Giants 16- Packers 23

The Giants had some highlights and lowlights during a narrow loss to Green Bay.

The New York Giants walked out of Lambeau Field with their third straight loss, but saw a major breakthrough from recently scrutinized WR Odell Beckham Jr..

He definitely regained some confidence after scoring his first TD of the season. Toward the end of the fourth quarter, Beckham Jr. broke his cold streak with an 8-yard pass from Eli Manning that gave fans a glimpse of hope for a late comeback. He avoided hitting any inanimate objects or initiating spats after the whistle so there's that. Perhaps his emotional downward spiral is coming to an end after his teammates intervened to refocus his energy on the game. 
In addition to that, it is nearly impossible to discuss Sunday's game without talking about how clutch Janoris Jenkins is. Early in the game, he seemed shaken up after a hit from Packers TE Richard Rodgers before making his way to the sideline. With Eli Apple and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie aggravating their injuries, this is the last thing the Giants needed. However, Jenkins quickly returned and had his interception of the game. He finished the game with two interceptions, the first for the Giants this season. 
But even with all of that confidence, the 23-16 loss puts the Giants at the bottom of the NFC East, revealing some major issues on both sides of the ball. 
Manning continued to hesitate, completing just 18-of-35 passes and one TD. Struggling to evade pressure from a dominant Green Bay Packers defense, he was sacked three times and looked lost for most of the night. We can acknowledge the fact that the O-line is doing a poor job right now and essentially leaving Manning unprotected, but where is his accuracy. He threw the ball away on crucial plays and the deep ball was essentially absent completely. 
The Giants have a dangerous receiving core with rookie Sterling Shepard, Victor Cruz, and of course, OBJ. The talent seems to be taking a back seat with a weakened passing game and OBJ is coping with that frustration.
He had no problem letting it be known last week. 
"What I'm communicating, we're not doing," said Beckham Jr. "I am not getting the opportunities to contribute, and that's frustrating to me." 
He needs the ball in his hands. If Manning can't get the ball to the receivers, then it's going to be a long season.
One concern hindering the revamped Giants is the defense. After spending more than $200 million dollars in the offseason, the Giants defense looked essentially unstoppable on paper. So, where is that much anticipated pass rush? Olivier Vernon signed a $85 million contract with the Giants, but he struggled to get to Rodgers all night. The Packers QB looked poised as usual with virtually no pressure to slow him down throughout the game.

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