Flowers shoves reporter following rough game

ESPN reporter gets the stiff arm when trying to interview Ereck Flowers.

Ereck Flowers had what was likely the worst performance of his career on Sunday night football. The world was watching as Flowers struggled tremendously during primetime. Thus, Flowers wasn’t too happy after the game, especially when he had to address a group of reporters. When Jordan Raanan, the beat reporter for the Giants column of ESPN, came over to Flowers, the two had an ugly exchange, which was first reported by as follows:

Flowers: “Hey, get out of my face man. Don’t come over here.”

Flowers got up close to Raanan’s face when he didn’t move and asked, “You hear me?”

Raanan: “I’m just trying to do my job.”

Flowers: “Go over there.”

Raanan: “I’m just trying to do my job.”

Flowers: “Get the (expletive) out of my face, bro.”

Ranaan: “I’m just trying to do my job.”

Flowers: “Go over there, man.” Flowers then proceeded to shove Raanan after he didn’t move.

Flowers then went back to his locker, and Raanan went in the opposite direction.The question that many cannot figure out is why Flowers singled-out Raanan from the group of reporters. There is speculation that Flowers may have seen some of the tweets that Raanan posted regarding Flowers’ poor performance during the game. It is hard to imagine that Flowers would have had the time to check his phone and see Raanan’s tweets right after the conclusion of the game, but that is the only possible cause that has been able to draw.

Regardless of why this chaos occurred, Flowers will likely face discipline because of it. Whether that discipline will be in the form of a fine or suspension is still unknown, but McAdoo made it quite clear the Giants are assessing the situation and what Flowers did was unacceptable.

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