Keys to Victory: Giants vs. Ravens

The Giants Beat breaks down what Big Blue needs to do to get back in the win column and knock off the Ravens on Sunday.

Stop Joe Flacco: The franchise QB is struggling to connect with a disoriented offense. Flacco has called their efforts "embarrassing" this season, as the Ravens try to regain composure after 2 straight losses. They just fired their offensive coordinator Marc Trestman, replacing him with QB coach Marty Mornhinweg. The new game plan is to finally see some deep balls and improve the Ravens' running game. Last week, Flacco threw the ball carelessly, and proved to be ineffective. The struggling QB is coming off of a game where he threw the ball 46 times for 210 yards. It's clear that he has no confidence in his weakened offensive line, forcing him to rush his release. The Giants have to start putting that pressure on Flacco early in the game and finally revive their pass rush.
Force Turnovers: With a beaten up secondary, the Giants defense has been relatively strong with all things being considered. The Giants are holding their own in the red zone by limiting teams to field goals, while helping them to stay alive late in the game. Despite an extremely poor performance by the offense leading to increased time on the field of play, the Giants defense has been able to put a strain on opposing high powered offenses including that of the Packers, Saints, and Cowboys. Although there has been progress, forcing opposing turnovers hasn't been an easy task and should be a point of focus this week as the Giants welcome Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens into MetLife stadium. Flacco has proven his ability to sling it in clutch situations, but he can also be careless with the football. The Giants must put pressure on Flacco and force him into bad decisions. Look for the Giants defense to create turnovers and pay special attention to Olivier Vernon.  He has the potential to have a fantastic game, while being matched up against rookie tackle Alex Lewis.
Get Odell Beckham Jr. focused: So OBJ is having a decent comeback after scoring his first TD of the season and mending his friendship with the kicking net. Let's hope this doesn't change with the pugnacious warning from Ravens' CB Jimmy Smith. He told ESPN that he wouldn't tolerate any stunts from OBJ.
"All of that extra hitting and talking, that's not going to fly, that's not my game. I like to line up and play. 'Give me your best shot and I'll give you mine.' But if you hit me after the whistle, there's going to be a fight," said Smith.
OBJ needs the ball in his hands, but he still has to remain composed. If he uses the comments to get fired up and stays mentally focused, it will be a great matchup. 

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