Insider Debate Part I: Giants vs. Ravens

The Giants Beat's Scott Thompson provides his side of the story for the top three topics that surround New York's matchup with Baltimore.

How about which quarterback has the upper hand Joe Flacco or Eli Manning?

 Manning clearly has the upper hand in the quarterback department this week. Both players stats don’t pop off the page, but in comparison Manning in yards and QBR rating while being exactly similar with five touchdowns and four interceptions. Flacco could also be without WR Steve Smith Sr., one of his favorite targets, this week as he is battling an ankle injury. Manning has all of his wide receivers healthy and should utilize them Sunday afternoon. 


Will this be the week Odell Beckham Jr. breaks out for a monster game?

The Baltimore Ravens are no easy task being the sixth-ranked defense in the NFL at the moment, but leave it up to CB Jimmy Smith to give OBJ a little extra fuel heading into this week. Smith said “There’s going to be a fight” if OBJ makes contact with him after the whistle blows the play dead. Making a threat like that may not bold well for the 28-year-old cornerback, and if he is to shadow Beckham Jr., expect the Giants’ star to work his magic. He finally found the end zone last week in Lambeau, and if the Giants’ offense is smart, they will continue to feed OBJ as he has turned things around.


Will Ravens attack the left side of the Giants line, especially Ereck Flowers since he’s been struggling? 

Knowing what happened last week, it would be a good guess to say the Ravens will attack Flowers. However, Flowers wasn’t a first-round draft pick for no reason. He is clearly frustrated with his play so far this season accumulating numerous holding penalties. Expect Flowers to show more discipline and have some extra fire this week against the Ravens as the offense needs him to step up and keep Eli Manning on his feet. I see Flowers having a great game.



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