Forgotten Storylines: Week 9 Edition

Two division rivals do battle this week and we cover the under the radar storylines heading into the battle of the NJ Turnpike.

Coming out of bye week, the New York Giants walk into a must-win against the Philadelphia Eagles as the division rivals fight for a spot in the playoffs. Here are the key storylines heading into Sunday’s game at MetLife Stadium:

Division Rivals: The historical rivalry continues as the playoff-starved Giants try to secure a top two spot in the NFC East. There is a lot on the line for two teams sitting at 4-3, while the Cowboys’ dominance persists. Sunday will be a defining game if either the Giants or Eagles want a shot at winning the NFC East. However, it is unlikely that either team will supersede Dallas, making it a must-win situation in order to open up a wild card spot. The Cowboys’ momentum isn’t slowing down anytime soon as they are facing a distressed Browns team this weekend. They are expected to win the matchup, enabling the Cowboys to continue their playoff campaign. 

Return from Bye Week: There is nothing like coming off of bye week with a high stakes game on the schedule. The Giants had time to get healthy, but it is easy to fall into that relaxed mood. Although they relished the break, they have to come in with a fighting mentality. It could either work for or against them, but it looks like Landon Collins and Odell Beckham Jr. are re energized for Sunday’s matchup. On the other hand, the Eagles had an intense game against the Cowboys that tested their willingness to battle. Despite losing in OT, they are more than prepared to come out with an aggressive mindset following the tough loss. 

The Little Things: We’re looking at two teams who have encountered a number of fourth-quarter battles this season. With many of their games being decided in the final minutes, there is no question that Sunday’s contest will be close. Unnecessary penalties have been a big factor for the Giants, but the Eagles are especially struggling in this arena. They are at the bottom of the league as one of the most penalized teams. Despite the calls, the Eagles' defense has been spectacular this year and should not be met with ease as the Giants started the season with offensive woes. They have improved their passing game with a great run from OBJ and playing at home should help their efforts. 


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