Odell Beckham says he feels '85 to 90 percent' healthy

The Giants top playmaker is ready to go despite being less than 100 percent.

Despite a relatively slow start for the New York Giants offense and a nagging hip injury, Odell Beckham Jr. still has confidence that his team can have a successful second half and live up to the hype surrounding their passing attack. 

It seems the bye week has done wonders in terms of healing Beckham, who was able to play on the injured hip against Los Angeles in London, although obviously uncomfortable.

  “I feel good,” the star receiver said, “Somewhere around 85, 90 percent.  Getting there one day at a time.” 

With a few more days to go until Sunday’s showdown with the Philadelphia Eagles, Beckham should have enough time for treatment and rest that would get him near 100 percent in time to face the third-best pass defense in football. 

Another person who’s experienced his share of ups and downs this season is first-year head coach Ben McAdoo, who Beckham claims is “doing a pretty good job for his first season.” 

However, he thinks that McAdoo is still going through growing pains, trying work out what works and what doesn’t while also giving Beckham bits and pieces of the type of head coach he is.  “He observes a lot.  He’s always watching” Beckham noted about his head coach after Wednesday’s practice, adding that “he may not say something at the time but he’s watching.” 

One thing remaining on Beckham’s list to check off, past all of the individual accolades he’s racked up over his first two seasons, is a trip to the postseason. 

The Giants have been unable to get into the playoffs in his first two seasons, but Beckham seems to have high hopes that he’ll finally get his chance.  “I envision us starting to win more games.  Making that playoff run,”

Beckham said when asked about the final nine weeks of the season. 

“First and foremost, taking care of these division games [is our top priority].” 

That all starts Sunday, as the Giants play the Eagles for the first time before playing the Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins, and Philadelphia Eagles all one more time in the last four weeks of the regular season.  Those four games alone will decide the playoff fate of Odell Beckham Jr. and the New York Giants. 

“I would love to be playing in January,” Beckham stated, “I guess we will see how we finish up.”  


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