Beckham says Cruz's injury 'just temporary'

The birthday boy didn't seem to concerned about Victor Cruz's ankle setback.

New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. ended his celebratory birthday weekend with two TDs in the victory against their division rivals.

"I couldn’t get a better present. My teammates, my coaches, this is everything you needed to cap off, or start the weekend. It was a great win we had tonight. We fought for it. Even at times when it looked like they still could win the game, we fought for it," Beckham Jr. said. 

Every aspect of the matchup seemed promising from the start. It was the perfect weather for football. Enveloped by sunlight and a sea of blue jerseys, the well rested NY Giants looked poised during warmups. 

They came out with a fiery demeanor that set the tone for the rest of the game. With two interceptions in the first quarter, the crowd was in a complete frenzy. OBJ recalls the feeling after witnessing the revamped Giants defense in action. 

 "It’s a great feeling. We’re playing, in my opinion, I don’t know stats or anything like that but just looking at it, this is one of the best defenses in the league. We go against them every single day. We know what they’re capable of. It’s just great to see it happen. We get two picks and capitalize on it. I’m thinking we’re trying to run up the score." 

While the team made strides and secured the second spot in the NFC East, they left the stadium with a crucial injury related setback. Victor Cruz suffered an ankle injury, causing him to leave the game early and lose his regained momentum this season. Normally, an ankle sprain wouldn't be so concerning, but with Cruz's injury plagued history, you can't help but cringe at any little incident. But, don't count him out just yet. OBJ has confidence in Cruz's resilience after watching his fellow receiver recover from injuries in the past two years. 

"It's very tough. If you really put things into perspective and look at Victor Cruz, look at what he’s been through. Starting from the beginning of his journey to the last three years. The man has come back from surgery on his calf and tendons. I’m sure he will be playing on Monday unless it was a high ankle sprain or something like that. That could take a little bit of time. This isn’t going to be something that will hold him back. It’s just temporary," Beckham Jr. said. 


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