Coughlin admits he misses coaching in NFL

The long-time Giants head coach can't shake his itch to get back into the coaching ranks.

After a successful division rivalry, the New York Giants are ready to take on the Cincinnati Bengals next Monday. With exceedingly high playoff potential, the team is looking toward the future, but they will get a chance to reflect back on their tumulous journey with the return of Tom Coughlin. The former head coach will be inducted into the Giants' Ring of Honor during Monday's matchup. 
There is no doubt that his appearance will be well received by the fans at MetLife stadium, characterizing Coughlin as the heroic Giants figure behind two Super Bowl titles. A crowd favorite, Coughlin is walking into his old environment with open arms, ready to feel at home again. The honor is more than a label for the long time family man as he embraces the journey behind his success. 
 "It is a great honor. I am very appreciative of the fact that the New York Giants have chosen to add my family name to the Ring of Honor which is, as I mentioned historically and I do really appreciate history and understand where I came from and so on and so forth. But to have the family name along with the 42 great names of what is being recognized as the finest Giants of all-time is of real significance to me and I think back to my mother, God bless her when I was named the Head Coach of the New York Giants, she was very sick at the time and I had an opportunity to get up to central New York to see her on occasion and I can remember her saying, ‘Thank God for the Giants.’ That is kind of the way I think she would feel today and the way that our family will feel because we will have a great representation on Monday Night and we will look forward along with Ernie (Accorsi) and Justin (Tuck) to being recognized as most recent members of that prestigious group and I took a look at those 45 names. 25 of those people that are on that list, I have known personally and for me also to keep this in the family is a wonderful thing because as you know, Chris Snee was inducted in 2015, so it is another something in addition to two Super Bowls, having been at Boston College a couple of different times – nevertheless both having come from there, Kate (Snee) being involved, Judy (Coughlin) being involved and calling this certainly something that our family can be certainly proud of," Coughlin said. 
Coughlin was the head coach of the Giants for 12 seasons and leaving the position behind was certainly an adjustment. While he is thrilled to be part of an important aspect of Giants' history, Coughlin admitted that he does miss the action. 

"Am I missing the sideline? I would be less than honest if I had told you that I didn’t miss the sideline. I love the game day situation (with the NFL League Office). I have been in the command room every Sundayon Monday Night because I think that is the closest thing to the sideline and I have enjoyed that very much. Being in there with Dean Blandino and Al Riveron and all the great folks that work here in the league office that are a part of that day, that very special day and I have enjoyed that very much. So I do get a chance to be close to the game that way. I have had an opportunity to visit with of course Commissioner Goodell and his outstanding staff on a number of occasions and we are working on different things. I am involved in all of the committees," Coughlin said. 

He is still very much involved with the league and has a good relationship with the Giants organization and NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell, leaving an open page for future endeavors in the league. Before Coughlin stepped down, he spoke about Ben McAdoo with the utmost sincerity and positive regard. There was no bitterness between the two coaches as Coughlin has fully supported his successor and commended the team's potential. 

"I text and wish people good luck. I congratulated Ben by text the other day, Steve by text the other day, Eli. I texted Odell and wished him good luck in the game. I have done it with Victor over the course of the year. That has been something that I have done. I am proud of Ben, proud of the job he is doing, proud of the coaches that I brought there, the players. Someone asked me at the beginning of the season that question about rooting for the Giants and the answer that I gave was an honest answer, I will always root for the Giants," Coughlin said. 


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