Fantasy Slant: Week 9 Recap

Check out this week's Fantasy Stars from a wild Week 9 win over the Eagles.

1. Eli Manning (22 points) 

Manning bounced back from his poor week 7 performance by accumulating 22 fantasy points. Although Manning didn’t necessarily have a great game from an analytical standpoint, the quarterback totaled four touchdowns to go along with 257 yards in a vintage Eli performance.

            With the four touchdowns came the two interceptions, which lowered Manning’s fantasy point total by four points. While Manning didn’t necessarily make the touchdowns happen, as he received help from his receivers, the interceptions were not his fault. One of the interceptions was a ball that was ripped out of the hands of Odell Beckham Jr. The other interception was the throw on third down in the final two minutes that was tipped at the line and ultimately intercepted.

            It was a very solid fantasy performance by Manning in a game where he could have played even better. Fantasy owners should be very optimistic regarding Manning’s status as a fantasy option.

2. Odell Beckham Jr. (18 points)

                       Once again, Beckham makes another list of top fantasy players. He scored two of Manning’s four touchdowns in Beckham-esque fashion. One of the scores came on a slant route, which Beckham ran in for the score. The other touchdown came on the one-yard line when Manning tossed a pass to Beckham on a fade route.

            From a non-fantasy standpoint, it was a very mediocre game for Beckham, aside from the touchdowns. He had four receptions and 46 yards. Fantasy owners are very lucky that Beckham was able to get into the end zone twice because if he hadn’t, Beckham would have had a mere three points.

3. Sterling Shepard (12.5 points)

            Beckham wasn’t the only receiver to have an impressive fantasy performance this past week. Shepard ran a great route to score a touchdown, which was the key to his 12.5 point performance. The rookie caught three passes and totaled 50 yards in a solid performance.

            Shepard started out the season on a fantastic note, making himself a solid fantasy starter. As the season has progressed, his fantasy value has declined and he has been dropped in many leagues. If he is on the waiver wire in your league, please do yourself a favor and pickup Shepard. He seems to be getting back into a groove and will only improve as he is still developing chemistry with Manning.




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