Victor Cruz will petition visit to White House

Victor Cruz sent a clear message to Donald Trump through the New York media.

Tuesday night’s stunning election of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States has sent shockwaves throughout the general public, including numerous professional athletes. New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz, a staunch supporter of both President Obama and Hillary Clinton, is one of many to come out and express their disinterest in visiting the White House if and when their respective teams win a championship.  Tradition has it that teams who win championships are invited to visit the White House by the president, but don’t count on Cruz to continue it if the Giants were to win the Super Bowl in the next four years. 

We’ll see,” Cruz told the Giants media of a potential visit to Trump's Whitehouse. “I’m gonna petition not to go, but we’ll see if that works. Maybe we could find Hillary [Clinton] and go see her somewhere.”

.  The veteran wide receiver has been vehemently opposed to some of the president-elect’s policies involving minorities and immigration, taking to Twitter to voice his concerns following Tuesday night’s results.  The last time Cruz visited the White House was in between Obama’s first and second term in 2012 and, despite having a president that he strongly dislikes, that surely won’t stop Cruz from doing anything he can to help the Giants win another Super Bowl.  


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