Favre fires back at critics of Eli Manning

The former Packers gunslinger had nothing but the highest praise for Eli Manning.

Eli Manning has been one of the most revered athletes in New York for the past decade, as the face of the New York Giants franchise. He’s the likable family guy with a humble mentality and an ability to lead. With two Super Bowl rings under his belt, the star QB has performed in high-pressure situations and rarely disappoints.

However, recently, he’s been catching some slack for risky passes, resulting in turnovers in close games. But with great risk, comes great reward, right? His track record seems to prove that, but Giants fans are still frustrated with all of the interceptions. Former Hall of Famer Brett Favre weighed in on the issue and seemingly praised the long-time QB. 

"You know, with Eli, who else would you rather have if you’re a Giants fan? You take the good with the bad. I know that myself, and with Packer fans, throughout my career. You’ve got to be willing to accept both. The bottom line is they’ve won two Super Bowls and he’s played very well. I’d say much more ‘He’s our guy’ than ‘Oh, gosh, Eli’s killing us.’ If I was a Giants fan I’d take him any day of the week,” Favre said. 

Manning may have accumulated 10 interceptions so far this season, but he is still producing. He ranks among the top ten quarterbacks in the NFL with 15 touchdowns. Just this week, Manning came up big yet again, as he led his team to victory against the Bengals, finishing the game with three passing TDs. 

The Giants are looking more dominant right now than ever with one of the top defenses in the NFL and an improved running game. Favre seems to think that they are the team to beat in the upcoming weeks. 

“Of course, you’ve got Eli, an outstanding player, great skill guys. So I’d be a little bit scared of them,” Favre said. 

With a four-game winning streak and a rush of confidence, the Giants do seem like they would be able to implement fear into opposing teams. But, apparently the Bears are more than ready for them. LB Pernell McPhee is coming out swinging with pre game predictions about bringing down Manning on Sunday

"We're going to tear their ass up. I don't care what everybody else did," McPhee said. ”We're going to sack him. He can throw the ball however many times he wants. I'm going to make sure of that.”

A lot of people are disregarding Sunday’s matchup, characterizing it as an easy win because the Chicago Bears are last in their division. The Bears may be sitting at 2-7, but maybe that’s just what they need to acquire a sense of urgency. The game will definitely challenge the Giants’ ability to remain consistent and continue to show playoff potential. 


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