Giant Expectations: Week 11 Edition

The Giants Beat takes a look at what fans are expecting to see from Big Blue on Sunday.

The Chicago Bears are walking into a tough matchup on Sunday at MetLife Stadium. Sitting at 2-7, the Bears have yet to win a game on the road this season, while Big Blue is coming off a four-game winning streak. 

Despite the game being labeled an easy win, Giants fans should expect some excitement from a revamped lineup. 

Victor Cruz to Return: After years of injury-related issues, the sight of Cruz on the sidelines is enough for fans to question any hope of a return. But, this week is a different story; Cruz wants everyone to know that he’ll be on the field to face the Bears on Sunday.  

 “Sunday at one o’clock, I plan to be out there helping my team win,” Cruz said.

After enduring an ankle injury in Week 9, Roger Lewis and Tavarres King moved into the lineup with outcomes that were anything but ideal. Fans were watching watching in frustration as rookie Roger Lewis dropped back-to-back passes in close matchups. Despite the struggles, OBJ has continued to carry the Giants’ offense, but Cruz’s return will alleviate some of that pressure. He is more determined than ever to prove that he won't end up repeating history as an injury-plagued WR. 

Offensive Lineman Stepping Up: There is no question that the Giants’ O-line has been inconsistent this season, struggling to find their rhythm and overcome a range of injuries. Justin Pugh remains sidelined after spraining his MCL, along with Brett Jones. With every situation that presents obstacles and uncertainty, someone steps in to save the day. And cue the unexpected hero: Marshall Newhouse. He proved his versatility on Monday at a crucial time, stepping in at left guard with the absence of Pugh. He did not expect the change in the close matchup as Newhouse has settled into his role at right tackle. He helped lead the Giants to victory and put the O-line in a good position. Newhouse will be in the lineup as a guard this weekend as the offensive line approaches a new challenge. Bears’ LB Pernell McPhee seems to be overly confident in their strength with some pre-game trash talk. 

"We're going to tear their ass up. I don't care what everybody else did," McPhee said. ”We’re going to sack him. He can throw the ball however many times he wants. I'm going to make sure of that.”

Eli Manning seemed unrattled by the comments, even commending McPhee’s abilities, but the crowd at MetLife Stadium wants to see his overwhelming confidence diminished early in the game. With growing expectations, fans are looking for the Giants’ offensive line to bring their game to the next level in response to McPhee’s threat. 

Landon Collins Leading an Elite Defense: Collins has made waves since his rookie year, becoming the soul of a revamped Giants defense. He is an unbelievable asset, evolving into a hard-hitting safety with an explosive defensive presence. His stats have skyrocketed since last year as Collins has racked up 60 tackles, 3 sacks, and 4 interceptions this season. But his contributions go way beyond the numbers; as a fan, he’s everything you could want and more. He brings excitement, he’s unpredictable and he plays with a chip on his shoulder. At just 22 years old, he’s the future of the Giants defense, securing a roster with immense talent. The Giants are headed for the playoffs, led by defensive MVP No. 21. Expect the Landon Collins show to continue this Sunday



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