Unheralded Heroes: Week 12 Edition

The Giants Beat covers the players who should get recognized for contributing to the win against the Browns.

The New York Giants are thriving off a six-game winning streak with an elite defense paving the way toward playoffs. While OBJ and the rest of the Giants' stars continue to be at the forefront of the team's success, their dominance has stemmed from a collective effort in the past few weeks. Everyone is doing the little things well, finding their niche and adding to a diverse roster. 
Here are some of the unheralded heroes from last week's victory against the Cleveland Browns.
1. Adam Gettis: He stepped up when the Giants desperately needed someone at LG. Justin Pugh, @Brett Jones, and Marshall Newhouse are all injured, leaving Gettis to take on a new role. He was on the practice squad until November 9 and struggled to maintain a spot on the roster last season. He had to adapt quickly after being released by the team a few times. But come Sunday afternoon, he went from being a questionable player to a key part of the O-line, making his first career start against the Browns. His inexperience was put on display, but regardless, he was still there to fill a huge hole in the offense. 
2. Brad Wing: While Robbie Gould continues to add to a list of missed opportunities, Brad Wing had a big game on Sunday. Of his nine punts, five landed inside the 20, consistently helping the Giants' defense by putting the Browns in a tough spot. 
3. Dwayne Harris: The Giants struggled in the beginning of the game and let the first quarter go by without scoring. Fortunately, Harris became the unlikely guy to finally get them in the end zone. He rarely plays WR, but when he did, he came through. Eli Manning delivered a perfect 13-yard touchdown pass to Harris that ignited the offense. It was his first TD of the year after recording a career-high 4 TDs last season. 

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