Mara: Giants Deflategate 2.0 'much ado about nothing'

The Giants co-owner isn't making a big deal of the recent Deflategate controversy.

By saying Deflategate 2.0 is “much ado about nothing”, John Mara is trying to quickly quell any controversy or debate surrounding it. He has already spoken to Steelers president Art Rooney and both agree that nothing untoward took place. The Giants never filed a formal complaint after their December 4th loss to Pittsburgh and the league has said the footballs were “in compliance” of its air pressure standards.      

This investigation took less than two weeks to conclude and was done very quietly leading many in the media to point out apparent contradictions and differences in the league’s approach to dealing with this episode and the Patriots one.

The Giants notified the league that they had measured 2 below-standard footballs with one giving an 11.4 psi reading and the other 11.8 psi. The league’s rules require footballs to have a minimum air pressure of 12.5 psi. In the Pats’ case, the NFL ultimately found only one ball that had failed to reach the minimum level in one of two tests.    

One possibly mundane reason for the difference in ball pressure could be the weather. It was a chilly 43 degrees when the game took place and this could have had an undue effect on the balls.

Most fans will probably not buy this though and prefer instead to believe that the league (Roger Goodell, in particular) is hiding something; in direct contradiction to John Mara and his stance.  

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