Josh Brown on domestic violence claims: 'I never hit her'

New York's placekicker tried to downplay and minimize the abuse he subjected his wife to.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse for Josh Brown, it did. The former Big Blue kicker Josh Brown was released from the New York Giants this season after admitting to domestic abuse. The apology sessions and quotes about bettering himself soon hit headlines on every major sports source. 

But Brown seems to be backtracking a bit. In an interview via ABC News, he had a different tone. 

"I mean, I had put my hands on her. I kicked the chair. I held her down. The holding down was the worst moment in our marriage," Brown said. "I never hit her. I never slapped her. I never choked her. I never did those types of things.”

What seems obvious now has to be publicly addressed: there is no scale for abuse. The attitude that Brown divulged in his journal last year about the abuse is that of a serious offender. The violence Brown inflicted on his wife was documented in a series of detailed reports by Molly Brown. Despite all of the news, he is still unsettled with the label of being an abuser. 

"The world now thinks I beat my wife," Brown said. "I have never hit this woman. I never hit her. Not once.”

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell stated that there is still an open investigation regarding Brown’s case, but regardless of the outcome, he will need to revisit his past. If Brown wants to return to the NFL, the primary obstacle is himself. 

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