Giants expect 2-3 good years left for Manningz

Big Blue's franchise quarterback could be in the twilight of his career.

The clock is winding down for Eli Manning, but the New York Giants aren't ready to part with their franchise QB just yet. According to Newsday, the Giants believe that Manning has another two to three quality years left before retirement. 

At fist glance, Manning seems invincible. The 36-year-old QB hasn't missed a game since 2005. He was able to end the year with stats that seemed to compliment Big Blue's 11-5 season. Manning completed 63 percent of his passes for 4,027 yards and 26 touchdowns. But those numbers are only an attractive cover on a book with multiple gaps in the storyline. 
Manning had two powerhouse wide receivers who stayed relatively quiet at crucial times. His accuracy was inconsistent throughout the season and the struggles resulted in missed opportunities for OBJ and Sterling Shepard. Now, even if we take into consideration how many times the offensive line made us cringe, it still goes back to Manning's lack of production. It resulted in 16 interceptions and put the Giants' offense at the bottom of the league in most statistical categories. The defense had to play outstanding just to pull out a victory in most fourth-quarter battles. 
With Victor Cruz and Rashad Jennings gone, it leaves fans to think about some offseason moves as they try to arm Manning with new offensive weapons. The will continue to build around their franchise QB as they search for prospects in the draft. It is likely that the Giants will select a TE or OT for their top pick this year, which puts a hold on the potential QB conversation. Manning's replacement is a blank page right now and quite frankly, it is almost impossible to imagine next season without No. 10 running the offense. 

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