Brandon Marshall joins Giants to chase rings

The outspoken wide-out hasn't been shying in discussing why he opted to jump from one New York football team, to the other.

After signing a two-year $12 million contract with the New York Giants, WR Brandon Marshall wasted no time. He hit the Giants practice facility to get a workout in, sharing pictures with enthusiastic fans on social media. 

The former New York Jets player will be turning 33 on March 23 and for a guy that’s past his prime, he’s more motivated than ever. Marshall’s PSA about his quest for a ring is the foundation behind the move. 

“Never making the playoffs is extremely hard,’’ he said, “but I am dedicated to the process and the best way I can describe the way I approach it is being able to have a real shot at it and that is what I think I have here.”

In his 11 seasons in the NFL, Marshall has never experienced the postseason madness, but with an elite receiving corps, the future looks promising. The 6-foot-4 vet will finally add some size to the roster, alleviating some pressure off OBJ and giving Manning a physical target in the red zone. 

However, there’s always a risk in terms of clashing personalities. Marshall has never really taken a backseat role. He called fellow WR Odell Beckham Jr.“the biggest superstar in the NFL” via the New York Post, but this is all preseason glee. Things may get rough when he is not Manning’s top target. Beckham Jr. has already staked his position as the go-to receiver on that team and while Marshall’s role is crucial, it’s not the same. 

All noteworthy thoughts I’ll leave to Jerry Reese, but for now, we can simply appreciate how dangerously good the Giants offense will be next season. 

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