From the Locker Room

"We don't want to lose games in the fourth quarter especially when we have a lead that should be insurmountable."-DE Michael Strahan<BR><BR>

Brian Mitchell on his touchdown run:

"They told me that I'd get a chance to get the ball today if Tiki needed some rest. He just had two nice runs so they brought me in and gave me the opportunity to run the ball down low. I came around and saw a little crease and I was able to power through cause the line gave me some room to get in there. It came down to will and I just had to fight to get in there."

Rich Seubert on the adjustment made due to injuries to the offensive line:

"It doesn't matter who's in there, we're always talking to each other. Every guy on this team goes out there and gives 100%...Last year we had trouble stuffing it in the end zone; today we were able to do it when it counted."

Michael Strahan on the strong finish by the defense:

"The two fourth quarter, fourth down stops were huge. That was really the game. We focused on this in the off-season. Especially after the way last season finished. We don't want to lose games in the fourth quarter especially when we have a lead that should be insurmountable."

Kenny Holmes on the depth of the D-Line:

"Our defensive line rotation was great today. It was great to be fresh today, especially in the fourth quarter. It really paid off and I think it's going to pay off down the road…We didn't give up the lead like we did in the past. We've got depth, with a great bunch of guys behind us."

Ralph Brown on how the secondary confused the Rams offense:

"Today in the secondary we were all communicating. I think that's the key to a good defense. We didn't give up many plays except for that one deep ball. We had a great scheme today. We kept changing it up from man to man to zones and blitzing and we kept them guessing."

Omar Stoutmire on his interception:

"It was a play that they run frequently and going into the game I said that was one play I was going to gamble on. Fortunately I read my keys and it paid off for me."

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