Kraft to Giants: ‘You would’ve beat us' in SB

Big Blue's co-owner received a high compliment from the Patriots owner during the owner's meetings this month.

The only thing worse than the New York Giants losing to the Packers early in the playoffs is some confirmation that they could have won it all. Giants owner Steve Tisch shared a bittersweet sentiment from Robert Kraft on Monday after expressing his thoughts about the postseason.

“Would I like to have gone deeper in the playoffs? Of course. Would I have liked to end up Houston? Absolutely. Especially because Bob Kraft, after the Super Bowl, told me ‘You would’ve beat us.’ So that was a nice compliment,” Tisch said via SNY. “When I heard that, I agreed with him.”

Who knows what would have happened if these two teams battled it out in Houston, but history is on the Giants side. Big Blue beat the Patriots back in 2008, pulling off one of the biggest upsets in NFL history and tainting the Patriots’ perfect record that season. They also came out on top in 2012, with a 21-17 victory against New England. They have the postseason experience and the only quarterback to beat Tom Brady in the Super Bowl. It would be a Kodak moment watching these two legends play each other again before they retire. 

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